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Treatment Program

Thalasso SPA, with its "remise en forme" programs, offers its guests an area to take care of their health conditions in an exclusively refined ambience.

Our purpose is to give the body top conditions of well-being in general in order to regain energy and vitality by means of three fundamental principles: Detoxing, therefore eliminating toxins, the cause of inconveniences or dysfunctions in the body, knowledge of the right nutrient input and recuperating tone and energy, which create a better quality of life.

Hydropinic therapies are aimed at rebalancing osteo-muscular areas which have a draining effect, it reactivates the circulation, reduces cellulitis and local adipose tissue. Massaging and treatments are aimed at recuperating the harmony of the body and face by means of ultimate generation cosmetics, enriched with scientifically innovative active ingredients. Exercise plays an important role in regaining tone and muscular elasticity for better physical fitness.

Detox Program
Studied to free the body from toxin loads that accumulate because of the heavy pace of life or irregular lifestyle, irregular eating patterns, bad digestion, abdominal bloating, water retention and a general feeling of "heaviness". The detox program allows for reduction of volume and moderating weight.

a. Detox Program 1 week (detox redux)
b. Detox Program weekend (3 days)

Weight Loss Program
Studied for people who are overweight or who have local adipose tissue accumulation, or for those who simply feel out of shape and want to lose weight, especially in terms of reducing volume.

a. Weight Loss Program 1 week (slim program)
b. Weight Loss Program week-end (3 days)

Life Style Program
Studied for people who perceive having an improper balance in general, lack energy, feel irritable, have bad sleeping patterns or a lower digestive capacity. A program helping to acquire better conditions to express the best vital potential, as well as correcting factors that cause ageing.

a. Life Style Program 1 week (energetic life style- vitality program- anti-ageing)
b. Life Style Program (ageing well) week-end (3 days).

Personalizing treatment
Within our protocol it is possible to add a number of interventions, which are not included in the package in order to personalize the treatment further:

Personal trainer
individual sessions with an expert in order to gain ideal shape in a shorter time. Duration 60' per session.


Our fitness corner is stocked with the latest Technogym equipment...

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