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Hints about Alassio

Known since Roman times for transit along the Via Julia Augusta winding close behind, it was subject to raids by the Saracens in 1550; a holiday site chosen by thousands of tourists, Alassio, the city of the sun, lies with its Mediterranean-style homes at the foot of two cliffs, Capo Mele, for those coming from France and St. Croce for those arriving from Genoa.

The pearl of the Italian Riviera, besides being renowned as the land of sun, sea, entertainment, sport activities, and also the city of "lovers", it is famous for its chocolate "Kisses"; Alassio is also popular for the beautiful natural surroundings making it an ideal destination of the Ligurian Gulf.

From a thriving fishing village of long ago, with the rise of elite tourism, Alassio has become one of the finest centres of the Riviera, it is surrounded by greenery, flowers and gardens, and the beautiful villas on the hillside are characterized by almost four kilometres of a fine quartz and limestone beach, gently rolling into the sea. The frame of the hills surrounding Alassio welcomes small villages where life flows in rhythms worthy of old times with the savour of ancient recipes.


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