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Spa Treatment

Hydro massage with sea warm water has a relaxing effect specifically used in preparing the body for personal treatment with essential oils, which have a draining and detoxing effect. Duration 30'.

Energetic Hydro massage with sea water specifically aimed at regenerating and revitalizing the body. This treatment is greatly effective in toning up the body, tissues and muscles. Duration 30'.

Softpack Bed:
A water-bed is used when applying algae packs, which have a draining effect that instils an indescribable feeling of lightness and well-being, as well as our thermo-reducing clay with effective results in reducing volume. The warmth of the bed enhances the active ingredients employed to give longer results. Duration 50'.

Thalasso Osmosis:
A steam bath with sea water. Specific products are applied and the osmotic effect produced allows active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the tissue achieving effective detoxification. Sea water showers cause the treatment to be incredibly pleasant. Duration 30'.

Body Relax In the Rain: (Vichy Shower Treatment)
The body relaxes and stress slips away under a fine shower of warm sea water, while able hands envelop the body with deep massaging techniques, and aroma therapy engages the senses into a total state of relaxation, Duration 50'. Treatment with four hands is possible.

Body Scrub In the Rain:
An extraordinary exfoliating body scrub eliminates impurities and toxins, which leave the skin soft, smooth and bright, together with the pleasant warmth of the sea water shower pampering your body. Duration 75'.

Lipolytic Treatment:
As the body is enveloped with clay, it has a lipolytic and anticellulitis effect, which reduces imperfection of the skin and improves tissue tone and elasticity. Duration 75'.

Thalasso Detox Treatment:
High detox treatment with stimulating and firming properties. It helps to eliminate toxins, reduce accumulated cellulitis and local adipose tissue. Duration 50'.


Thalasso SPA, with its "remise en forme" programs, offers its guests an area to take care of their health conditions in an exclusively refined ambience

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