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Thalassotherapy: the benefits of this treatment come from the sea; a precious resource for your well-being.

Thalasso SPA: 1500 sq.m spread out on three floors holding an indoor swimming pool with hydro massage, which makes use of micro filtered sea water brought to the temperature thalassotherapy requires; it is also fitted with glazing which allows much natural light to pour in from the huge pyramid shaped construction leading up to the solarium on the main terrace. Sea water is collected at a distance of about 200 meters from the shore and this guarantees purity, allowing extraordinary results for the health of the human body.

Thanks to the multiple properties of sea water, it is a general stimulator for the functions of the human body. Not only in treating various illnesses, but also in preventive aesthetics in regaining new energy, beauty and well-being.

It also helps to improve flexibility of the muscles, articulation and spinal chord. It allows the elimination of toxins, raises the immune system, and stimulates the circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, as well as improvement of the skin.

The beneficial effects of thalassotherapy are seen in factors connected to stress, insomnia, fatigue and depression, where tranquillity and relaxation are newly found.

Thalassotherapy is beneficial also from the aesthetic point of view, being useful in fighting cellulitis and fluid retention and acting on the skin where improvement and elasticity of the tissues is made possible.

It also treats ageing skin, which acts very well in metabolic control and diets.

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Pools with warm sea water, hydro massage units to tone up several areas of the body, cascades, back-stream swimming, Finnish sauna and more

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